Providence Videos

The city of Providence in Rhode Island has a lot in store for its tourists. Providence houses some of the finest urban strolling places by the side of the Connecticut River. Visitors, after a hectic day, can enjoy the cool breeze and witness the beauty of the river and the nearby areas. Also available is the Brown University's green campus with enjoyable greenery, fresh air, as well as the falling leaves of autumn.

Providence consists of a large young student population because it is the home to many reputed schools, colleges and universities. Due to the young population, the city also has a vibrant social and cultural scene. People who are culturally inclined can enjoy live performances, offbeat cinemas and theater shows across various venues in the city.

Providence also boasts of a lively nightlife due to the presence of some fabulous bars. The cosmopolitan outlook of providence is evident when you witness people from various countries, descent and religions. The presence of several parks, historic buildings and religious buildings of Providence comes alive in the various videos showcased below.