Jobs in Providence

America's Renaissance City or The Renaissance City, as Providence is known, with some 48,700 residents, offers many good job and living opportunities. The city and surrounding communities are home to companies large and small that are looking for talented employees. Quite a few nationally-known companies have selected Providence as a good place to do business. These local businesses, and the local government organizations, have employment opportunities, or expect to in the future. Qualified job-seekers may have a surprising number of employment opportunities available to them. Continue reading below, and you'll see we have provided you with quite a bit of information about salaries and job opportunities in and around Providence. If you would like to know more about current wages, job openings, and career areas with the best potential, the following data should be of interest to you.

What can I expect to earn in Providence? What kinds of jobs have the best pay?

If you're new in the job market, or thinking about moving, you are likely curious about how salaries compare. Information like this is critical for determining if a new job or a move to Providence would be in your best interest. You may want to find out what professions offer the best potential for higher earnings in Providence. Luckily, this data can be found on a Department of Labor website that provides access to a Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) database. We have extracted some representative information for the year 2008, from BLS wage survey data. In Providence, the annual income for all those employed was reported to average $49,722. Those holding management positions in the Providence area are earning $107,530 on average annually. If you want to earn a good income, but don't want to be a manager, for example, here are some high salary professions that employ over 1,800 people here in Providence.

Job Title Average Annual Income for JobSalary Range for Job
10th - 90th percentile
Management analysts$72,970$38,410 - $109,990
Registered nurses$68,700$50,760 - $86,930
Elementary school teachers, except special education$66,490$38,540 - $91,990
Sales representatives, wholesale and manufacturing, except technical and scientific products$65,500$30,980 - $114,640
Accountants and auditors$65,270$42,180 - $92,730
Business operations specialists, all other$64,810$37,900 - $95,710

What about job growth potential? Will some professions have more job openings?

You probably have several things you'd like to know about jobs in Providence - for example, average salaries, and that there will be more jobs available, not fewer, in the future in this career area. Another factor you may want to consider is which companies are doing well and expanding their offices, operations, or production capabilities. You don't need a crystal ball, or to do a lot of research - it is available to anyone with access to a computer, easily and quickly. There is a database on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website that you can query to get this kind of information. Here are just a few of the jobs in and around Providence that are predicted to experience the greatest growth over the next several years in job openings:

  • Environmental science and protection technicians, including health
  • Occupational therapist assistants and aides
  • Medical scientists
  • Paralegals and legal assistants
  • Biochemists and biophysicists
  • Fitness trainers and aerobics instructors

To learn more about Providence employment:

If you'd like information about average wages and job growth projections for other career fields and other jobs in the area, click on the link below to go to the BLS website and the employment database:

In addition, here are some websites that provide current employment opportunities in the Providence area:

Need more training or want to learn about getting a degree?

Out of all the people who live in Providence, just 30.0% have a B.S. or B.A degree, and an even smaller percentage, 11.4%, have obtained a Masters of Science or Master of Arts Degree. Another factor you may want to consider is which companies are doing well and expanding their offices, operations, or production capabilities. You have many affordable and flexible education options available in either new degree fields or continuing education, which will help you get that new job, or win a deserved promotion. People of all ages are now going back to school - join them and a better job at higher pay can be yours. To learn more, CLICK on the link below: Rhode Island Online Schools