Providence Business Information

Providence is the capital of Rhode Island and has seen industrialization as early as 1830. It is the largest designing and manufacturing center for jewelry as well as silverware. The city is home for many prominent business heavyweights including the Fortune 1000 companies Textron and Notek Incorporated. Apart from being a major attraction for businesses, the city of Providence is also known for many financial, education and health care facilities which are on par with global standards.

Some of the popular employers in the city of Providence include the names of Rhode Island Hospital, Bank of America, Citizens Bank and many more. The city has been very popular with many investors across the globe as it offers plenty of opportunities to excel. The economy of Providence is distributed among trade, transportation, manufacturing, construction, Government and various other fields. Diverse industries help stabilize the economy, and it is considered more stable compared to other regions of the United States. This has given rise to major expansions of businesses by various companies in the city of Providence.

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