Rhode Island

About Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States of America situated between Massachusetts and Connecticut in New England. It has a long coastline extending over 400 miles. It has islands such as Aquidneck Island, home to Newport, and the "City by the Sea". The official name of the state is "Rhode Island and Providence Plantations", derived from the merger of the two colonies. The capital of the

State Is Providence.

State Nickname

Rhode Island's nickname is, "The Ocean State". The name originated from the geography of the state. The reason for this nickname is because it has Atlantic Ocean to the south and also has number of beaches and bays because of its long coastline.

Climate Summary

Rhode Island has humid continental climate. The climate is characterized by warm, rainy summers and chilly winters. The highest temperature is recorded in the month of August and the lowest in the month of February. The major natural disasters are caused by storms and hurricanes.

State Tax Situation

Rhode Island is known for high taxes in the country. It does not impose inheritance tax. The state sales tax is 7%.

The state does not impose property tax directly, so a part of the city taxes are set aside for the state.

Government Summary

The state of Rhode Island is one of the most prominent democratic states of the United States. The Rhode Island General Assembly has 75- member House of Representatives and 38-member senate.

State Seal

The seal has the anchor at its center with the motto "Hope" placed over it. The outer circle has the following words written on it, "Seal of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations 1636".

Motto & Description

The motto of the state of Rhode Island is "Hope". It is a part of both the state seal and the state flag of Rhode Island. The motto was inspired by the biblical phrase, "hope we have as an anchor of the soul."

State Flag

The flag of the state is white edged with yellow fringe. The most prominent feature of the flag is the golden anchor; underneath it is a blue ribbon with the motto "Hope" written in golden letters. The anchor with the motto is surrounded by thirteen golden stars in a circle.

State Bird

The state bird is the Rhode Island Red Chickens. The bird has a wonderful mix of colors over its body with red wattle, light brown bill, red-brown feathers, yellow legs, and red comb. This breed of chicken was developed from Malaysian stock.

State Flower

The state flower of Rhode Island is Violet (Viola sororia). The flowering period is from April to May. It is purple in color. The flower will be around 4-6 inches in height.

State Animal

The state of Rhode Island is yet to decide its state animal and hence there is no official animal for the state.

State Song And Description

The song of the state is titled "Rhode Island, It's for Me". The song was composed by Maria Day and written by Charlie Hall. The song symbolizes the patriotism of the citizens of Rhode Island.

State Colors

The state has 3 colors: blue, white, and gold. These colors were selected because they are used in the state flag as a symbol of the state.