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The site is a collection of interesting information, articles, and facts about cities and communties in the United States. Articles have been written by dozens of authors including members of our staff as well as contributors who have something valuable to say about the communities they know so well.


Our goal is to offer family friendly, useful information about great American cities. 


Content is added by our staff, site users, and is compiled from other websites, etc. We do our best to ensure all content is accurate and up to date however, there may be information that is outdated or incorrect. If you find something that is invalid or needs correction please let us know and, if appropriate, we will respond in a timely fashion.

Article Composers

Users who are interested in supporting a community may post articles for publishing. We find that real estate agents, tourism professionals, and others who know about the community are often interested in contributing. In turn, we allow 'do follow' links out to other websites to give due credit.

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This site is powered by My Market Toolkit. The platform helps us significantly to make timely changes and host a significant amount of data.

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Feel free to contribute to this website. We have quality assurance guidelines we enforce but they are common to most professional standards found on reputable websites. We appreciate the views of many. Go here to begin contribution.