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New York provides an array of fun and activities to enjoy. The statue of Liberty, located on Liberty Island and a short ferry ride away from the city offers a glimpse into the freedom the United States is known for. If your interest is viewing the arrival of various cruise ships, than look no further than the Ports of New York and New Jersey. An hour out of the city, in Northern New Jersey, one will find beautiful trees and small hills making up a picturesque scenery.

East and West village is the place to be at night to enjoy the vast amount of evening entertainment the city has to offer. For those into the finer things in life, take a trip to the various museums and the historic Plaza Hotel. New York is not complete without lighting and Time Square will open your eyes to the city's glitz and glamor. Rockefeller Center will let you ice skate regardless of the weather and the well known Christmas tree will be on display during the holiday season for everyone to enjoy.

Nothing completes New York like the Empire State Building, George Washington bridge and, Brooklyn bridge.

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