New York

About New York State

A state in the Norteastern region of the country, New York State is the third most populous state in the United States. It shares borders with New Jersey and Pennsylvannia in the south and Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont in the east. It shares an international border with Ontario in Canada and also has a maritime border with the Rhode Islands. The state is most known for being the location of New York City, a major financial, cultural, transportation and manufacturing center of the county. The Statue of Liberty that adorns New York Harbor is a major landmark for many people visiting the country for the first time.

New York State is located in the Northeastern regions of the United States and is also one of the most populous states in the country. The Dutch moved into New York in the 17th century and later the British moved in and gave the name New York. New York State is also home to New York City, one of the most thriving cities in the world. The capital of the state is Albany, and in 1788, New York State officially became the eleventh member of the United States.

State Nickname

The state has a nickname of 'The Empire State' due to the global significance that it has. Some feel that the name has stuck to the state when George Washington referred to it as the 'seat of the Empire'.

Climate Summary

The climate of the state of New York can be classified as humid continental climate. Two air masses, one humid one from the southwest and one cold dry one from the northwest affect the climate of the state significantly. Winters are long and cold and summers are warm in comparison to other cities in the same latitude.

State Tax Situation

The state income taxes range between 4 percent and 8.97 percent depending on the 5 brackets of total income. There is a 4 percent sales tax on all sales except on items like food and drugs. Gasoline attracts a tax of 44.4 cents per gallon and there is also a cigarette tax of $4.35 per pack of 20.

Government Summary

The state of New York is governed by the three branches of the government that also run the other states of the country. These include the executive, judiciary and legislative. The executive branch consists of the governor and elected members. The legislative consists of the senate and the assembly and the judicial branch consists of the courts.

State Seal

First established in 1777, the New York State seal was modified a year later to include the complete coat of arms. It includes a coat of arms along with the words 'The Great Seal of the State of New York'. There is also the American Eagle with outstretched wings that stands on the globe. The female figures represent liberty and justice and the word 'Excelsior' means 'Ever upwards'.

Motto & Description

The official motto of the state of New York is 'Excelsior', a word that means 'Ever Upwards'. This motto appears on the flag and the seal and indicates how the state believes in outperforming self and competition all the time.

State Flag

The coat of arms with the goddess of liberty and justice along with the eagle with spread wings on the globe emblazoned on a dark blue plain background forms the flag of the state. The state motto is also clearly written on a white ribbon on the flag.

State Bird

While the New York State bird is now the Bluebird, it took more than 40 years for it to be adopted since the American Robin was the state bird initially. The adoption was a result of a campaign led by Mrs. Charles Cyrus Marshall, President of the New York Federated Women's Clubs.

State Flower

The New York State official flower is the rose. It was adopted as state flower in 1955 in all its splendid colors. It is interesting to note that when the first vote for the state flower was taken in 1890, Goldenrod received more votes that the rose as the state flower. A second voting was done between Goldenrod and Rose and this time around, Rose was a clear winner.

State Animal

The Beaver is considered to be the state animal for New York in 1975. This unique animal has a flat tail and great fur and has a large capacity to change the landscape around him. They are also known as 'nature's engineers'.

State Song And Description

'I love you New York' is the state song for New York. Written and composed by Steve Karmen the song speaks of the unparalleled aspect of the state in all respects.

State Colors

There is no official note of the state color for New York. However, some state that the color for the state of New York is Dark Blue based on the base color of the flag.