New Jersey

New Jersey is a historically rich state with numerous attractions throughout the state that will keep a tourist occupied. The state is located in the Northeastern part of United States and is located next to the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered by the state of New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania. The state’s capital city in Trenton and the largest city is Newark. 

The state has numerous tourist destinations such as the Appalachian mountain range, amusement parks, entertainment venues and other historical destinations that bring millions of tourists to this state. The largest visitors come from neighboring state of New York for small weekend getaways.

State Nickname

The official nickname of the state is said to be “The Garden State”. It is not known how and when this nickname came to be used to indicate this state. The nickname was officially adopted in 1954 by the legislation passed by the Governor. 

Climate Summary

The climate of New Jersey can be defined by splitting into parts. The northeastern and south central parts of the state have a humid mesothermal climate, while the northwestern region of the state has a humid continental climate. At higher elevations, the temperature drops a little, but the state has abundant sunshine throughout the year. 

State Tax Situation 

The state of New Jersey ranks on top of the state that charge high taxes, an average of 7%. The taxes depend on the income bracket of a person and can range between 1.4% to as high as 8.9% for individuals earning above $500,001 annually. The sales tax is also at 7% in the state.

Government Summary

Modeled on the basis of the federal government, New Jersey also has a judiciary, a legislative and an executive. The executive is headed by the Governor of New Jersey, while the judiciary is headed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. 

State Seal

The seal of New Jersey was adopted in 1777 and was designed by Pierre Eugene du Simitiere. The seal consists of a horse’s head, which is incidentally also the state animal. It has a Knights helmet, a shield with three plows, and two ladies: one of which is the Roman goddess of grain, Ceres and the other Liberty. 

Motto & Description 

The state motto of New Jersey is “Liberty and Prosperity”. The motto appears on the state flag and the great seal of New Jersey. The motto is adopted from the Bill of Right, which the state of New Jersey was the first to sign. 

State Flag

The New Jersey state flag is bluff colored of has a gradient of golden and black, unlike any other state flag. The seal or the state coat of arms is printed in the center of the flag. The flag also has the state motto emblazoned on the fag below the seal and the year 1776, which is the year of independence.

State Bird

The state bird of New Jersey is the Eastern Goldfinch. The bird was officially declared by the legislature 1935 as the state bird. The bird is today called as the American Goldfinch, since it is not found  in any other country. 

State Flower

The state flower of New Jersey is the Common Violet or the Viola sororia, which was adopted in 1913 by the legislature. However, after the end of the resolution in 1914, the status of the flower was uncertain for 50 years. In 1971 the flower was again officially adopted by the legislation.

State Animal

The state animal of New Jersey is the Horse or the Equus caballus, which is also found on the great state seal. The horse was adopted in the 1977 Chapter 173 and was approved officially by Governor Brendan Byrne in the same year. The state has a large number of wild horses.

State Song And Description

The State song of New Jersey is “I'm From New Jersey”, written and choreographed by Red Mascara. The song was adopted in 1972 by the Legisllative Houses. The song however was never officially signed into law by the Governor. The song speaks about the beauty and hospitality of the state.

State Colors 

The official state colors of New Jersey are adopted from the flag. The state seal is blue in color on top of a bluff background. The colors were chosen in 1779 by General George Washington. These colors were used by the New Jersey Troops.