New York, New York

Welcome to the New York information guide. The purpose of this guide is to help you learn about New York and it's surrounding areas and take advantage of what the region has to offer. Residing in any city or town can be difficult if there is no information provided. That is why this guide will provide you with as much information as possible to help you improve your lifestyle and become more accustomed to your surrounding. Every city and region has several benefits which become useful at one time or another.

New York is full of opportunities for everyone, however without proper knowledge of what the region has to offer, one can not take full advantage of the benefits. Knowing about schools, hospitals, recreational activities, entertainment, legal matters, and government entities are essential to living in an area. New York has a lot to offer, some known and some unknown, and this guide is designed to help you with what you should know.

New York City is a lively and bustling city. Living in and around New York City can provide you with an experience like no other place in the world. Read about New York and increase your understanding to enjoy what the city has to offer.

New York City History

Until the French discovered New York in 1542, the region was occupied by the Native Americans. The two main tribes who developed New York were Iroquoian and Algonquian tribes. Though the French initially discovered New York, it was actually the Dutch who claimed the land in 1906 and named the area New Amsterdam. New Amsterdam was an important region for the fur and agricultural trade. In 1664, England took over New Amsterdam and renamed the region New York. Due to the close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, New York became one of the major trading ports during the 18th century.

New York was a key region during the Revolutionary War. New York's constitution was created in 1777 and later went on to influence the United States Constitution. New York City soon became the capital of the nation and named Albany as the capital of the state in 1797. In 1787, New York became the eleventh state to become a part of the Union. During the 19th century New York's transportation system developed and as a result, they started the first full service railway in 1831. The ports of New York provided a point of entry for ships coming from outside the country and became a key port of entry to the region.

During the 19th century, as immigrants begun to come from Europe, in search for a better life, New York provided them with the means to enter the country. Over the next decade millions of people entered New York from around the world, through Elise Island and Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the nation and become a symbol of hope for immigrants. Several groups of people took the train from Elise Island, upon entry into New York, and went off to settle in the western part of the country. New York grew as the financial capital in the early 20th Century until the Wall Street crash of 1929. New York City hosted the tallest buildings in the world until 1974. Financial problems after the Wall Street crash forced New York to seek other ways to develop the city and as a result they adopted a new cultural development. During the second half of the 20th century, the region experienced another immigration movement and soon became the entertainment and cultural capital.

New York has continued to grow and become one of the most densely populated regions of the United States. Due to vast migration and the opportunities New York has been able to provide, a large volume of diverse residents now call the region home. The city along with the suburbs is expected to grow further and population is expected to increase at a rate of 1.7% annually. Since the 18th century, New York has continued to provide residents with opportunities to grow and develop.

About New York City, New York

New York City is the ultimate place to live. The city also known as the Big Apple is consistently growing and so are the residents and businesses. New York City provides opportunities for businesses both big and small. It is the ultimate location for any form of investment and the success rate is higher in New York than most other parts of the country. Those who choose to reside in New York are able to find comfortable accommodation in and around the city, at almost any budget that best suits them. It is a place where people and culture come together to provide the most colorful environment for one to live in.

With over 15 million people residing in New York City, it is one of the most populous metropolitan cities in the country, yet there is an opportunity for everyone. People from around the world come to New York and a large percentage of them end up calling the city, home. There is something for everyone to do and at any given time of the day.

Major corporations have established their North American headquarters in New York and as a result, they have helped turn the city into the financial capital of the world. Because of the diverse population, every business has the chance to find their customer base and grow with the city. Due to the opportunities provided by the city and its population, it continues to demand new businesses and new experiences. Investors from around the world come to New York to gain the success that others have already experienced. Businesses and organizations are not the only things that keep the city busy as there are plenty of other things to do.

Within walking distance from most residential areas, one will find restaurants, museums, parks and, shops. No matter what your heart desires, you will be able to find it in New York City. While shops offer merchandise at every price point and provide you with the New York City shopping experience, those who want to get away to a quieter place can head off to Central Park to enjoy a little rest and relaxation.

There is an abundance of entertainment in New York City and one will be able to find just about anything they fancy. Lights in Time Square and the busy bars and pubs in the Village provide entertainment late into the night. Several restaurants remain open throughout the night to cater to those who crave their favorite foods even at 4:00 a.m. Broadway plays are a must for anyone residing in or visiting the city. These are just a few of the things that will keep a New Yorker busy and this guide will provide you with further information to keep you entertained.

About New York County, New York

New York City is made up of Manhattan and several smaller islands and land masses namely Manhattan Island, Roosevelt Island, Randall's Island, Wards Island, Governors Island and Liberty Island to name a few, and also includes a part of the Bronx. The boarder of the city also serves as the boarder of the county New York City is located in. New York County was the original county of New York State. One of the smallest Counties in the state, New York is also one of the most densely populated counties in the state.

New York country is made up of 23 square miles and consists of approximately 1,585,873 residents, according to the 2010 census. The county is one of the richest in the state and in the United States with an average income per household of over $100,000. New York County is known for several famous attractions and businesses. The United Nations headquarter is located in New York along with the world famous New York Stock Exchange. Billions of dollars worth of transactions take place each day, in the economic sector of the county. New York County provides individuals with opportunities unlike any other county in the country and helps prepare individuals for future financial success. New York County is governed by Mayor Bloomberg.

Other attractions of the county include libraries, museums, parks and, beaches. Most of these places are within walking and driving distances from most parts of the city. New York County is also home to a wide range of entertainment including Broadway plays and other forms of live entertainment. Some of most well known restaurants and bars are located in the county and as a result, millions of outsiders flock in, each year to get a taste of what the County has to offer. New York County receives over 30 million tourists each year and as a result, they have had to keep up with the increasingly changing demands of both residents and tourists.