New York Schools

Schools in New York City and the Tri State area are well known for the standard of education they provide. Kids in the region are known to achieve high grades and a high percentage of high school graduates are known to continue with higher education. There are various types of schools available to cater to everyone's needs. Public schools are funded by the state and follow the national curriculum. Every district has their own school system and offer various additional educational programs to those who require them.

The state government provides finding for public school and each year, they try to increase the finding, in an effort to improve the quality of education. Public school students do extremely well throughout their academics. Parents who are looking for something a little more than the standard schooling system have the choice of enrolling their children in one of the many well known private schools. Private school are not district specific and will accept students depending on various circumstances.

New York is home to well known colleges and universities to help those in search of higher education. There are several IV League schools to meet the needs of those looking for optimum education.

New York City School Resources