5 Signs You're a Trendy Modern New Yorker

With more than 8 million residents and 52.7 million annual visitors, New York City is a bustling metropolis full of modern conveniences. You know you've become accustomed to a modern, trendy lifestyle in New York when you've picked up these habits:

1. You're all about the beard (or his beard) — Sculpted beards are the hallmark of hipsters everywhere. NYC is the perfect place to get super serious about your facial hair as it's home to specialty 'stache and beard shops like Brooklyn Grooming. If you splurge on safety razors and artisanal locally-milled goat soaps for your beard, you're part of the NYC trendy set and you can't help but show it all over your face. If you're female, you either get these products for your partner or you daydream about a man with a coiffed beard, Gosling style.

2. You text your dry cleaners — Mobile dry cleaners have made inroads in North Brooklyn, home to hipster havens like Williamsburg and Bushwick. While the most popular item to dry clean, according to a New York Daily News interview, is a boring white button down, they're still an important part of trendy modern living in New York. If you text to have your laundry picked up (either for a classic wash and fold or for dry cleaning), you're on trend whether you're washing plaid and skinny jeans or business casual clothes.

3. You've never been to Broadway — Unless you work near Times Square you just don't get to Midtown much, although you can spot a celeb from across the dining room at Balthazar. Use incoming guests from out of town as an excuse to see a hit Broadway play or musical, like "Kinky Boots" or "The Book of Mormon." Get Broadway tickets online to avoid the throngs in Times Square. Chances are, you'll find there's a reason these hit shows are so popular.

4. You never take the subway — Either you ride your fixie or you take a cab/car service/Uber/Lyft anywhere you need to be. The subway is just so pedestrian, especailly with all of those inconvenient "planned changes." In the winter it's freezing and in the summer it's an oven. It's crowded and you might see someone you've been avoiding. Who needs it? Not you, although you probably spend 2-3 times as much on your alternative transportation as you would on a MetroCard.

5. That said, you don't understand why every city doesn't have a 24-hour subway and virtually any type of food you might want within walking distance — If you've acclimated to modern city living in Manhattan or Brooklyn, you probably have gotten used to walking out your door and enjoying any variety of food or drink within minutes. Bodegas, delivery, food carts and sit-down restaurants all cater to your every whim day and night. When you visit the parents back home — because of course, you're not actually from New York — you get irked when there's nothing but bad pizza and Chinese that delivers and you can't get anywhere on public transit after midnight.



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