New York Weather and Climate

New York is not known for the best weather however the weather is predictable for most parts of the year. This page will provide you with the current and average weather pattern in the region. It will also help you understand the weather and climate patterns of the area, which will help you better prepare for your stay in New York.

There are four main seasons in New York namely winter, spring, summer and, fall. During the winter months, between November and March, the temperatures generally remain low and often snow covers the region. Due to the cooler weather, it is advised to wear heavy winter gear, in order to stay out of the cold. Rains are common during the cooler days and often can end up forming a clear sheet of ice on the ground. However as this is common in the region, most people and the public service is well prepared to take care of this problem.

Once spring rolls around, temperatures are extremely pleasant and plants begin to bloom. During the spring, the temperate is still a little chilly, however it does not prevent anyone from taking part in outdoor activities. It is a nice welcome after the colder winder days. The sun shines bright and eventually leads to the summer. During the summer, the pleasant weather allows for warm to mildly hot weather however the humidity level can get higher than expected. Sun shines bright throughout the summer, but rain can be expected from time to time. The hot and humid climate in the summer is perfect for the beach and the cold and rainy climate in the winter encourages people to cozy up next to the fireplace to stay warm.

Once fall comes around at the end of summer, the temperature changes fast and the climate becomes a lot less humid. Though the weather and the climate are both pleasant, it a reminder that the winter is once again round the corner.

Average temperature in the winter will remain below ten degrees Fahrenheit, for most of the season. In the spring this is expected to increase to an average of 30 degrees and most parts of the summer will experience an average temperature in the mid seventies. Fall will once again drop to between 30 to 40 degrees.