Indianapolis Schools

The Circle City of Indianapolis has establishhed a comprehensive infrastructure to provide quality education for its citizens. The county has been divided into 11 school districts and students are automatically assigned to public schools closest to where they live. This setup ensures no child is left out or is forced to study in a school that is not close to where they live.

Charter schools have been freed from the regulations of the State and have been given the freedom to decide curriculum, budget, staffing, and other such aspects of management. These schools can take in students from all over the State and are particularly useful for those who want more choice than just the traditional public school setup.

The capital city has numerous alternative schools that have been designed for those who find it difficult to adapt to the traditional educational setup. Care is taken to ensure the students are treated as being different and not as being inferior.

Various government departments and agencies are involved in proper management and regulation of the schools in the capital and in the State. Currently, schools receive Local, State and Federal aid.

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