About Indiana

Indiana, a state in the Midwest, is a small state in terms of land area that is ranked 15th in terms of population. The name of the State means "Land of the Indians" and it was the 19th State to be admitted into the Federation. Indiana is one of the eight states that make up the Great Lakes region. The state is divided into more than one time zones and began following Daylight Saving Time since 2006.

State Nickname

Indiana has been known as the Hoosier State since the 1830s. The poem "The Hoosier's Nest" was used as the "Carrier's Address" of the Indianapolis Journal. The connection between the state and the nickname has remained popular ever since.

Climate Summary

The year is divided into four seasons. Summer is the hottest and receives a fair amount of precipitation. Autumn and Spring are cool and pleasant while temperatures often drop below zero in Winter.

State Tax Situation

Indiana charges income tax on its citizens at a flat rate of 3.4%. There is just one bracket applicable to all citizens. The state charges an Inheritance tax that may range from one to ten percent of the value of inheritance.

Government Summary

The Government of Indian has three branches - the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary. The powers of each organ are delimited in the State Constitution. The Governor is the head of the Executive while the bicameral legislature consist of the Indiana House of Representatives and Indian Senate.

State Seal

Indiana's seal was given official recognition in 1963 although it was associated with the State since 1801. The seal shows * woodsman cutting a tree * buffalo jumping over a log of wood * background of the setting sun with its 14 rays, sycamore trees and hills.

Motto & Description

Indiana is very aptly described in its motto " The Crossroads of America". It is an ode to the fact that it is just 650 miles or less from 55% of all Americans in the country.

State Flag

The official flag was adopted in 1917. it consists of 19 golden stars on a blue field. The outer 13 stars and inner five represent the original colonies and five states admitted before Indiana respectively. The largest star symbolizes Indian on the flame of State of Liberty's torch.

State Bird

Cardinal, a red colored bird, is the official bird of Indiana. It was chosen as the official bird by the Indiana General Assembly through an official law in the year 1933.

State Flower

A bright pink colored flower named peony (Paeonia) is the State flower of Indiana since 1957. Prior to this, the zinnia was the state flower. The peony blooms in pink, red and white shades in May-June

State Animal

Indiana does not have any animal designated as the official animal representing the State. However, wildlife is common and bears, mountain lions and coyotes are commonly found in the State.

State Song and Description

"On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away," by Paul Dresser is the official song of the state of Indiana. It is the oldest emblem of Indiana and was adopted in 1913, four years before the flag of the state.

State Colors

Indiana has chosen the combination of Blue and Gold as its official colors. These two colors make up its flag and represent the wide reach and prosperity of the State.