Indianapolis Gallery

Indianapolis is a beautiful city with numerous sights and scenes that are worth capturing on your camera. The city is a combination of old and new and this is evident from the numerous attractions and monuments that one witnesses within city limits. Indianapolis is symbolized by the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. This 286 foot tall architectural beauty provides innumerable photo opportunities for amateur and professional photography enthusiasts.

The tower itself is a work of art. One can use the observation deck to get a bird's eye view of the entire city. Till a few decades ago, it was against the law for any building to be higher than this monument. This is the reason why Indianapolis does not have as many skyscrapers as one would otherwise find in a big city.

Those who love to capture speed and power will do well to include the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in their itinerary. The Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial, Veteran's Memorial Plaza and Indiana State Capitol are other monuments that add to the grandeur of the city. The parks and gardens provide a beautiful green backdrop to the majestic monuments and the