Indianapolis Major Streets and Roadways

The roads in Circle City are numbered on the basis of a grid system. The road running on the North-South axis is named the Meridian Road and the one on the East-West axis is named the Division Road. The baseline road's name may differ from county to county. The names of other roads are determined on the basis of

The distance mentioned above is multiplied by 100 to arrive at the specific road number. Those roads which run diagonal or which cannot be numbered according to the system described above are given arbitrary names.

There are two major North-South interstates and the intersection takes place in the city of Indianapolis. There are six interstate freeways that run through the State along the East-West axis of which two run through the capital city and provide connectivity to its citizens.

The system of following a base line is utilized all over the State. In rural areas, a major landmark like a dam is used as the base road instead of the traditional compass directions. The grid method, due to its simplicity and consistency, is considered the best way to number roads in urban centers like Indianapolis.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-65 - Traverses city from NW to SE
  • I-70 - Traverses city from SW to center to E
  • I-74 - Traverses city from NW to SE
  • I-465 - Circles city
  • I-69 - Branches from I-465 to NE