Indianapolis Business Information

Indianapolis was the capital of the American automobile industry before Detroit gained prominence. It was the home to numerous companies making cars and car parts. Not surprisingly, the Indy 500 auto race is still one of the most popular races on the circuit.

Indianapolis has established itself as a major hub for logistic facilities. It plays host to a major FedEx hub. The well maintained network of roads connecting the capital city to major American city offers an advantage that no other city in America can offer. The reputation as an accessible and convenient logistical hub proved to be a good thing when the idea of online shopping became popular. Reputed online stores like Amazon and CVS Pharmacy have set up their distribution centers in and around the city.

The reconstruction in the 70s and 80s saw the capital city investing heavily in its convention centers. Today, the industry is enjoying the benefits of this foresighted approach of the city planners. The combination of top class facilities, an international standard airport, and easy accessibility makes it a perennial favorite amongst convention and trade fair planners.

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