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The beautiful city of Indianapolis is a treat for anyone who enjoys beautiful sights and sounds. From the roar of dozens of auto engines revving up for the Indy 500 race to the calm serenity of the Indianapolis Arts Garden, the city has something to offer every resident and visitor. The IAG is a glass dome that caters to your sight even as you are enjoying the sounds of a musical performance.

Family trips should include a trip to the Indianapolis zoo. Those who like the idea of enjoying the Amazon tropical rainforest in the middle of American would do well to visit the Garfield Park. The garden has a 7500 square foot rainforest with a waterfall that transports visitors to the sights and sounds of Central and South America.

Sports enthusiasts can also check out the football stadium and the ice hockey rink for energetic and entertaining sporting action that will leave you gasping for breath and wanting for more.

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