Sacramento Weather and Climate

Sacramento’s weather and climate have two unique features – wet winters and tule fogs. Summers are hot affairs but temperature rarely rises beyond 76 degrees F. The intersection of two rivers in the heart of Sacramento combined with the proximity of the county to the coast means that there is a cool wind blowing in from the sea to cool temperatures even during winter. The fact that the city is not located right on the coast ensures that the climate remains Mediterranean and not tropical or sub tropical in nature. 

Winters are cold and wet. Temperatures fall to cool and comforting levels but there is virtually no snowfall. The winter months are the foggiest and the months of December and January often find the city in shut down mode due to poor visibility caused by the tule fog. The fog also causes temperatures to stay down for extended periods of time. This is why the city remains cool for a long time without any snowfall worth talking about. 

The city receives 545 mm of rainfall every year. Winters are very wet as virtually all the rainfall takes place during this season. Summers are completely dry. Monsoon like conditions may occur in the months of July leading to thunderstorms. However, such conditions depend on a series of abnormal weather conditions and are not common. 

The city, due to its proximity to rivers and the fact that bulk of rainfall occurs in a span of two to three months, is very susceptible to floods. In fact, the city is second in the list of cities susceptible to floods in the country. 

The river network has been converted into a recreation area and the city is well known for its vast outdoors and open spaces. In such a scenario, it is advisable to keep track of weather and climate trends before making outdoor plans.