Sacramento, California

The city of Sacramento serves as not just the political seat of power in California but also as the economic and cultural engine of the State. Most cities cater to one or, at the most, two aspects at once. Sacramento is a state that serves as the State capital for political power, culture, tourism, arts and performances, and conservation of nature.

Sacramento has always benefited from its strategic location since time immemorial. Even today, it serves as the perfect foil to all other urban centers in the State. The confluence of two rivers near the capital means that the city is never short of water. The availability of water combined with the favorable climate means there is a lot of potential for agriculture and related industries in and around the region. Visitors are struck by the sheer diversity of the city where a large number of diverse individuals live together in an explicably comfortable and harmonious life.

People often visualize the capital of the most populous state in America to be a glamorous and cool place to live. Those who visit Sacramento discover that the city exceeds their expectations on all counts. There are many who swear by the ability of the city to dazzle and entice.

Sacramento History

The first settlement in modern day Sacramento was the handiwork of one John Sutter. He set up a trading colony and named it as Sutter's Fort in 1839. The city of Sacramento owes its origin to two persons - James Marshall and John Sutter, Jr. The former discovered gold in California near Sutter's Mill and the latter designed the town of Sacramento to cater to the influx of gold diggers.

John Sutter, Jr. named the city after the Sacramento river to ensure the large number of persons pouring in from all over the country could identify with the town. Ironically, the efforts of the son to popularize Sacramento led to the downfall of the town setup by the father. Sacramento was one of the first cities in California to be incorporated and battled fires, epidemics and natural disasters through the 1850s to keep growing. The city owes its survival to the obsession like fascination that America held for the Gold Rush in California.

Sacramento was awarded the status of capital of the state of California 1854. The position was finalized during the Constitutional Convention of 1879 declared the city as the permanent state capital.

Sacramento was popular due to its strategic location in relation to trade and the Gold Rush. The status of the capital of the State helped the city expand faster. The city was the western terminus of Pony Express and was a terminus of the First Transcontinental Railroad. The introduction of railroads combined with frequent and devastating floods in the rivers Sacramento and American compelled the city to shift from water based transport to land based transport of goods and services.

What might have been a body blow to any other city was converted into an opportunity by Sacramento. The rivers were converted into recreational and entertainment hotspots. This further contributed to the growth of the city and enhanced its position in the region.

The city enjoyed addition of land and population from 50s to 90s and this helped the city overcome closure of various military bases and the bankruptcy of the Sacramento port. The city has consistently tried to diversify its economy by enhancing sports related facilities in and around the region. A $50 million bond sale to fund a failed attempt to buy a football team helped refurbish the Convention center, auditorium complex and generally improve infrastructure in and around the city during the early 90s.

Transportation continues to form an important contributor to economic growth of the city. Recently, the city has diversified into tourism, IT, health care and higher education as well. The government continues to remain the biggest employer in the city and close to a quarter of the total employees of the government live in and around the capital city of Sacramento.

About Sacramento, California

Sacramento is the capital of California and is well known for its diverse population which has lived in perfect harmony since time immemorial. The city ranks very high when cities are ranked in order of their "friendliness". The city has a vibrant economy and is a preferred destination for immigrants from all over the country seeking an improvement in their lifestyle and standard of living.

One advantage of living in Sacramento is that the city is virtually surrounded by nature on all sides. From more than 20 parks to innumerable gardens in the city - those who love open spaces will never want to live anywhere else. The city has a long history and is very proud of its contribution to the growth and development of its State and Country. This is the reason why one can find museums that not just preserve the past for future generations but help residents and visitors relive momentous events in the city's past.

Museums in the city focus on two iconic aspects of American culture - transportation and the Californian Gold Rush. There are museums devoted to different aspects of transportation like trains, planes, and military transport.

Sacramento sits at the confluence of two rivers and this continues to have a huge impact on the lifestyle of its citizens. The rivers have been converted into hubs of recreation and adventure sports that attracts enthusiasts from all over the world. This has provided a wonderful economic opportunity for ambitious individuals who offer adventure sports facilities and other facilities related to tourism in general to visitors and residents alike.

Nothing can be more fun than chilling out at trendy restaurants after a day of enjoying nature in its rawest form. The city of Sacramento offers options like the Thunder Valley Casino Resort or the In & Out Burger that cater good food at affordable prices.

The city has invested a lot in its education infrastructure and the efforts and beginning to show results. The capital city is fast becoming the educational hub of the State. From medicine to technical studies - there are numerous public and private institutions that provide best quality education for all the residents of the city.

Those who love performing arts will simply love Sacramento. It is home to a large number of community theaters in the State. Unlike professional setups that treat theatre as a business, community artists still retain the innocence and old world charm that makes it a completely different experience.

Being the capital of the State, the city simultaneously serves as the seat of local, county and State governments. Despite this, the city has not lost its innocence and continues to remain a warm and inviting city for immigrants and tourists alike.

About Sacramento County, California

Sacramento County, as the name suggests, is the county encompassing the capital city of the State. This county is a part of the Greater Sacramento metropolitan area and is the largest county in the same. The county is located in Central valley of California and extends into Gold Country as well. The county has an extensive riparian network. The two rivers, American and Sacramento, join in this county and this ensures there is plenty of water for not just consumption but recreation as well in this county. Apart from these two rivers, there are other major watercourses that pass through this county.

Bulk of this county is under the direct control of the county administration. There are only seven incorporated places in the county with 3 places being incorporated after 1995. Sacramento, as is well known, was one of the first cities to be incorporated in the country. This was done in the year 1850 and the city has an independent government since then.

Counties with very strong political divisions often lag behind in development. The distribution of power between parties with opposite ideologies at the State, county and local level often creates delays arising out of political opportunism. Sacramento county too faces this problem. No single party can claim this county as its strong hold although there is a marginal tilt towards the Democrats.

The city of Sacramento serves as the political and economic hub for the county. The regional transit authority operates out of the capital city of the State and provides connectivity to all parts of the county. The southern most part of this county has direct access to the San Francisco Bay although this advantage has not been fully exploited till date. Other cities in the county operate their own bus services and the county is served by railroad companies like Greyhound and Amtrak.