Sacramento Gallery

Sacramento is a city that is very proud of its past. This is the reason why Sutter's Fort is one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting the city. The area around the Fort has been conserved and its architectural beauty has been retained so that future generations too can learn the origin of the city of Sacramento.

A trip to Sacramento will remain incomplete until you visit the Sacramento Zoo. The well maintained zoo hosts 400 species of birds and animals and is a great place to snap up images of beasts of the jungle without even stepping out of the city.

Amusement parks like Funderland let you capture images of kids frolicking on rides and having the best time of their lives. Of course, the River Park is a must visit to capture glorious sun rises, sun sets, the trees and flowers cocooned in a world of their own. The river dominates the landscape and you would do well to include the same in your photographs.