Sacramento Business Information

In 2005, a Downtown Redevelopment Strategy was drawn up as an extension to the 1995 plan aiming at improving Sacramento’s business potential. List of achievements in 2005 included development of 

  • river waterfront area
  • downtown housing schemes
  • hotel, convention, tourism and other commercial real estate infrastructure in the city, and
  • expansion of entertainment and recreation related infrastructure. 

These developments have helped Sacramento move from being an agriculture produce reprocessing center to an economic hub that contributes significantly to the overall economic growth of California.

The 2030 General Plan approved by the City Council seeks to continue focus on Downtown area combined with extra emphasis on Technology Village, Granite Park Area, Swanston Station and Point West Area.

These developments will provide better opportunities and will encourage a large number of businesses to shift into Sacramento. The holistic approach adopted by the city towards development of its business potential is helping add value to the operation of business cycle in the city. It is also helping expand the economic base of the city faster.

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