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Sacramento is a photographer's delight. A visit to Old Sacramento will take you back in time to another era when the railroads that dominate the landscape today were yet to be constructed and the Gold Rush was still attracting people from all over the world. A world dedicated to such an era offers innumerable sights and attractions worth capturing using a camera.

Nature lovers will simply fall in love with the city. The River Park situated so close to the city and yet completely free of human intervention is the best place to capture images of human interacting with nature during picnics and camps.

The urban landscape is very attractive. From the State Capitol building to the view from the tallest skyscraper in town - there are numerous structures that will leave you gaping at the city in awe.

It does not matter whether you are visiting the city for work or tourism related activities. The beautiful sights and sounds will force you to come back asking for more.

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