Sacramento Schools

The city of Sacramento has been divided into numerous public school districts. The city is too big to be served by a single school district. Schools operating under the Sacramento City Unified School District shoulder bulk of the public schooling requirements of the city.

Apart from public schools, there are numerous Catholic schools of repute that serve the inhabitants of the city. Some of these schools have been around since the Gold Rush. There are 12 cities in the country which have a Cristo Rey Network High School. Sacramento is one such city where such schools designed to provide convent quality private education to all those who cannot afford the same.

There are other schools affiliated to a specific religious ideology as well. Although parents choose schools based on their religion, there is no formal prohibition for students not belonging to a particular religion from joining such schools. The level of diversity in the city can be judged from the fact that there is an Islamic school as well catering to students seeking this form of education.

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