Sacramento Videos

If you are history buff, the city of Sacramento will keep you glued to your camcorder at all times. Historic places related to watershed events can be found in the city and one can record the origins of things that we have taken for granted in America today. The Huntington & Hopkins Hardware Store was the place where two of the "Big Four" began their momentous journey that would change the way America traveled.

Sacramento was the western terminus of the Pony Express. The destination of the iconic train has been immortalized in the form of Pony Express Statue at the Pony Express Park. Sacramento has far too many museums for an individual to cover in a single day. This is why the History Museum tour is a good option. One just has to sign up for the tour and hold on to the camcorder to record the sights and scenes for posterity. You can also check out comic theater shows scripted to make you laugh your heart out when visiting the city of Sacramento.