Austin Real Estate

Austin is one of the friendliest and greenest U.S. cities and also ranks in the top ten list of greenest cities in the world. This makes investment in real estate in Texas an investment for a healthier and secure future. The city has stiff no public smoking laws, biking lanes on all roads, trash recycling facilities, in-city metro rail services and other green facilities that make investment in real estate in Texas more attractive. Texans also boast having a large number of family households and the city with the lowest crime rates, making it a great place to raise a family.

Apart from the green factor, the city also boasts of a thriving business community that competes with cities such as San Francisco and a large educated labor pool. And compared to Silicon Valley, the real estate prices are cheaper and affordable. This popularity as a business destination for Texas has only been driving the value of real estate up in the past few years and the upward trend is expected to continue in the coming days.

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Many buyers of real estate in Austin opt for rental properties which can be used to obtain various tax deductions and benefits for the landlords. There are numerous other benefits of Texas that need make investment in real estate in Texas more profitable than investment in the stock market. In 2008 the magazine Forbes ranked the city as the second best city to invest in a property and the third best to seek for a job. It is also ranked on Kiplinger's Personal Finance as the sixth best city to live, work and play in.