Austin Entertainment

Austin is popularly known as the Live Music Capital of America, indicating the fact that people here love live music and the city has more than 200 dedicated live music venues throughout the city. One can find popular singers entertaining a crowd or just normal people trying out singing before a crowd. There are dozens of venues that sponsor live music and entertainment.

Austin also has adopted the motto "Keep Austin Weird", to illustrate the fact that visitors here might be surprised at the old world vibe of Wild West along with the quirky cosmopolitan side. The city is a hotspot for creativity and has a good number of artists, musicians, actors and other progressive thinkers. There are numerous theatrical performances and other film festivals that keep people who are not fond of live music busy.

The people of Austin have adopted the work hard and play hard attitude that is visible in the nightlife of this amazing city. The sixth street is popular for its night life, where the street is brimming with nightclubs, bars, restaurants, billiards halls and other entertainment sources that attract the employees and the student communities in the hundreds.

Another street famous for its nightlife is the Fourth street that is famous for its slightly older and refined crowd that enjoy martinis, jazz and expensive meals.

Entertainment in Austin

Austin Night Life

The Austin night life is exciting! People from every walk of life find their niche and have a ton of great options to choose from. Some venues attract celebrities and other notable guests. Great food, great atmospheres, great music and great people make for an exciting night on the town. Social Scene Many Austin residents and visitors love to play, party, and mingle. There are venues for nearly...

Austin Restaurant Options

Austin has outstanding dining venues. It's known for many great options in fine dining, ethinic cuisine, and classic food-on-the-go options. Ethinic Foods Austin is a great location for tasty ethnic restaurants and venues. Diners can find great mexican, italian, asian, indian, european, jewish, and other great foods. Many locales focus specifically on their cuisine and they be come well know...

Austin Golf and Golf Courses

Austin has some great golf. It has a great season of ideal outdoor weather and climate for trips to the links. Some courses are located near top notch resorts with specials targeting frequent golfers. The variety of golf courses and terrains that it offers is amazing. The city golf courses with different terrains has plenty in store for people who need to practice and learn golf. There are golf...

Austin Parks

Austin features some great parks. Families, exercise buffs, and others looking to escape city life and engage in wholesome recreational activities can find all sorts of park styles. Some are near water features, some have playgrounds. Some have running areas and others have large fields. Most parks are well kept. They are key features to communities and city lifestyle. Austin Park Activities Pla...

Austin Theaters

Austin has some of the best theaters. Some are huge multiplexes and some are smaller cozy facilities. Theaters include venues for plays and fine arts events. Austin Movies Some nights just call for a trip to the movie theater. Austin has some great locations. Some are the latest, state-of-the-art facilities with 3D, IMax or other fascinating features. Some attract smaller audiences and avoid the...

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