Austin Major Streets and Roadways

For most outsiders, finding their way in Austin can be a little challengin because of the dual naming of a number of major roads. Navigation can be problematic even with a map. However for people who understand the naming system of the streets, navigating here will not be a huge task. 

From East to West the streets are given numbers to designate them with an east or west representation. The interstate 35 highway that passes through the city center is the dividing line for the East and West side of the streets.

From North to South the streets are given numbers; however most of the streets are given names which are used to indicate the street or the avenue. Most of the diagonal roads are also given names, making no sense of the North to South street indications.

Many streets in Austin are known by two names, such as the Ranch Road 2244 being also known as the Bee Cave rd. The 19th street is also known as the Martin Luther King Boulevard or MLK. The 15th st and the Enfield road are the same roads. The 25th street is known as the Windsor st. The 26th street is also known as the Dean Keaton St.

Major Highways and Freeways

  • I-35 - Crosses through town from SW to NE
  • 130 - Circles around the E side of town
  • 1 - Crosses through town from SW to NE to the W of I-35
  • 45 - Cuts through N and S end of town connecting to 130
  • 71 - Cuts W to E on S end of town
  • 360 - Circles around W end of town
  • 69 - Small section in center of town
  • 212 - Branches off 130 on E and exits town
  • 183 - Branches from center of town to NW