Welcome to Texas! The Lone Star State and the second-largest state in the US with 25.1 million residents. In 1845, Texas is the 28th state to join the United States. The name "Texas" was based on the Caddo word "Tejas" which means "allies" or "friends" and is exactly what visitors will find when they visit!

Texas is located in the south central part of United States and is the second largest state in United States, both in terms of population and area. Austin serves as the capital of Texas and is located in the center of Texas. Texas is a very popular tourist spot for national and international visitors who flock to enjoy the 300 days of annual sun shine. The most popular tourist destinations in Texas are Austin, Dallas, Houston and many others. The state has an area of less than 10 percent as desert, however it is associated with the southwestern deserts.

Texas is the second largest state in the United States in terms of area as well as population. "Tejas" means friends. Before it was admitted to the union as a state, it was called the "Republic of Texas." It became part of the union on December 29, 1845. For many years, Texas was a leader in the cattle industry. San Antonio was a gateway city as the United States was on the move westward. Farming remains as one of the major industries of Texas, but notable other industries include petroleum and natural gas, banking and tourism, to name a few.

State Nickname

Among the many nicknames that the state of Texas holds, the most popular is the "The Lone Star State". The nickname is derived from the lone star found on the state flag of Texas. The state flag was adopted in 1845. Other nicknames by which Texas is known is the "The Blizzard State", The Banner State" and "The Jumbo State".

Texas Climate

The climate of the state of Texas is highly variable because of the large size of the state, giving it multiple climate zones. The Panhandle of Texas has winters that are colder than the rest of the Northern region. The gulf coast has the mildest winters and very little precipitation.

State Tax Situation

The state of Texas is among those few stats that does not charge people for income tax, making working here almost tax free. However, the property tax of Texas is among the highest in the state with it successfully making Texas the state with the highest collection of property taxes.

Texas Government

The state of Texas follows the United States Constitution that allows for the separation of powers. The power of the state Governor is limited because of the plural executive branch system. All the executive officers of the state except the Secretary of State are elected by the people, making them directly answerable to people. Texas has a bicameral legislature system.

Texas State Seal

The Obverse side of the State Seal of Texas depicts a five pointed star seen on the State Flag and is encircled by live oak and olive branches. The worlds "The State of Texas" are written above the branches and the star. On the Reverse side of the state seal adopted in 1961 depicts a shield surrounded by six national flags that Texas has belonged to before. Also the seal has the words "Remember the Alamo" written on top of the shied.

Texas Motto & Description

The official Texas state motto is "Friendship" and was adopted in the year 1930. The state motto is intended to symbolize the mixture of friendly Native American culture with the Western culture. The older state motto that was used by the Republic of Texas before 1845 was "Remember the Alamo".

Texas State Flag

The state Flag of Texas depicts a star with five pointed edges on a blue background and stripes of red and white. The flag is also known as the "Lone Star Flag" and was adopted in the year 1838 by the Congress of then existent Republic of Texas.

Texas State Bird

The state bird of Texas is the Mocking Bird that was adopted in 1927 as the state bird. The bird has the prettiest song among all the other Texan birds. It is also known to be a fierce protector of its environment and nest.

Texas State Flower

Bluebonnet was chosen in 1901 by the Texas Legislature as the State Flower. The flower is blue in color and is said to represent a woman's sunbonnet. The flower blooms in the beginning of the season of spring and is abundant across the state of Texas.

Texas State Animal

Texas has two state animals; the Texas state mammal large is a Texas longhorn, a cattle with large horn that are still used by Texans on their vehicles. The State animal small is the Armadillo, a small mammal with a leathery armored protective shell that safeguards this ant eating species from other animals.

Texas State Song And Description

The official state song of Texas in "Texas, Our Texas", written by Marsh and Gladys Yoakum Wright and composed by William J. Marsh. The song was adopted in 1929 after a state wide competition to find the best song that represented the great state of Texas.

Texas State Colors

The state colors of Texas are Red, White and Blue. The colors are adopted from the state flag which has red, white and blue in it. The flag was adopted in 1838 by the Republic of Texas.