Austin Organizations, Clubs, and Groups

New residents and visitors to Austin will be pleasantly surprised to find a healthy number of organizations. Many are formed with the sole intention of helping the community and bringing people with similar needs together, from organizations that bring together people with Animal health issues to more serious business assistance programs. Many organizations are funded and run by governments such as the Austin Local Internet Society whose aim is to train young employable graduates for the tech companies.

Austin is famous for its live music scene and has numerous clubs that organize amateur musical performances in local bars, clubs and performance centers. Many of them bring people together for recreational activities such as family competitions, park days, and other outdoor activities that display the full friendly face of Austin.

Austin Organizations

Austin Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America is one of the largest youth organizations in the United States. Austin has a strong scout establishment. Young Men in the area can find a great troop and council to attend. The BSA goal is to train youth to be responsible citizens while developing a great character and self-reliance. Activities consist of outdoor activities, educational programs, career-oriented experie...

Austin Theaters

Austin has some of the best theaters. Some are huge multiplexes and some are smaller cozy facilities. Theaters include venues for plays and fine arts events. Austin Movies Some nights just call for a trip to the movie theater. Austin has some great locations. Some are the latest, state-of-the-art facilities with 3D, IMax or other fascinating features. Some attract smaller audiences and avoid the...

Austin Little League Baseball

Little League baseball is a non-profit youth sports organization. While it is headquartered in South Williamsport, PA, it organizes baseball leagues and teams across the United States. Players from all across the country play locally and vie for a national title. The Little League was founded by Carl Stotz in 1939. Today, millions enjoy baseball. Youth can participate in the program and adults c...

Austin YMCA Programs

The Young Men's Christian Association (commonly known as "YMCA" or in the USA "the Y") is a worldwide organization with a strong presence in the United States and Austin. In 1844 the organization was founded in London, England by Sir George Williams, put Christian principles into practice, achieved by developing "a healthy spirit, mind, and body." All YMCA programs have a strong importance o...

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