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Austin is unlike any other city and strives to keep its difference, proven also in the state motto "Stay Weird". The city was originally known as Waterloo before being chosen as a spot for the capital of Texas, because of the large number of water bodies such as creeks, streams, rivers, nature preserves and lakes. The city is also one of the cleanest cities in America with the general public and the government both making sure that it stays this way. The city is filled with 19 century mansion that connect the city to its past.

The city of Austin receives 300 days of sunshine and very mild winters, making it a perfect winter getaway for people from all parts of the world. There is almost no off season to visit Austin, with the city being an all year round tourist magnet. Once here, it is extremely easy to get used to the conservative lifestyle, the abundant green spaces, the friendly people and the live music scene of this city.

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