Oklahoma City Weather and Climate

Oklahoma City has a good variety of weather presented by all four seasons. There really is a little bit of everything weather wise. Summers are very hot, and winters are very cold; while spring and fall are mild and pleasurable. Typical springs bring much rain and winters give varied precipitation including snow, sleet and freezing rain. There are many annual outdoor events held in the OKC area because of its mostly friendly climate and weather conditions.

Oklahoma City has seasonal severe weather that occurs from March to August. April and May are usually the months that have the most severe weather patterns. Oklahoma City is one of the cities in the United States that is tornado prone. There are frequently severe thunderstorms and occasional tornados in the OKC and surrounding areas. Winter weather patterns can give way to heavier snows, but the average snowfall is only 10 inches per year.

The climatic conditions for Oklahoma City are considered in a temperate humid subtropical climate. There are frequent weather changes daily and seasonally. The hot summer months are the only exception to the quickly changing weather patterns. OKC is in an area which has consistent winds. During the summer they help to ease the hot weather, but in the winter they can work to intensify the cold weather.

The overall average temperature in Oklahoma City is 60.2 F. The average temperatures do not reflect the extreme temperatures that can occur in the area. For instance, the average temperature in January is 36.7 F, but it can be brutally cold for days on end with the lively winds causing sub zero wind chill factors. The average temperature for the hottest month of July is 82F. But it is not uncommon for the temperature to stay in the triple digits for days on end.