Oklahoma City Real Estate

The neighborhoods throughout Oklahoma City are varied in style and taste. As one drives through the city, they will find historic neighborhoods leading right into those which are obviously suffering economically. The areas around the city can range from upper class, neatly manicured homes to run down, dilapidated apartment houses. Radiating from downtown are mostly inner city neighborhoods which are single family detached houses. There are also a few apartment complexes. In the downtown areas there are many condominiums and loft developments. OKC also has many high-rise and mid-rise options available.

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Downtown has been in a state of renovation for some years and is still undergoing a renaissance. During the 50s and 60s the large part of the middle class made a move away from the inner city setting and left much of the downtown areas abandoned. But then in the 80s many urban renewal projects began. This brought about the demolition of nearly 50 historic buildings and skyscrapers. For instance, the Biltmore Hotel was demolished to make way for the Myriad Botanical Gardens.

Oklahoma City is one of the most affordable metropolitan areas as far as the real estate is concerned. It is reasonable to live in a quality home and enjoy the arts and entertainment in the area. The home market in OKC has a wide variety of home options available. There are the urban lofts located in the heart of the city, historic homes along streets lined with trees, and newer suburban homes available.

There are also plenty of choices for those who prefer apartment living. New construction in the area has made many luxury apartments available on the market. But there are also garden style apartments that are ready at reasonable prices.