Oklahoma is one of rich heritage as it was first inhabited by Native Americans. As the United States pressed westward the reservations were located in what was called Oklahoma Territory. There are still many Native American sites around the state and many cultural artifacts. It has a wide variety of land forms as it has forests, mountains, plains and even a small desert. It's people are as diverse as the land.

State Nickname

Oklahoma is nicknamed the "Sooner State." During the Land Run of 1889 many people ignored the boundaries of the Unassigned Land. They slipped in unnoticed and staked out their claim before the official start to the Land Run. They were called, "Sooners."

Climate Summary

The climate in Oklahoma is varied, but overall pleasant. It is in a humid subtropical climate zone and experiences all four seasons during the year. Summers are hot and winters are cold. Spring and fall are both very pleasant.

State Tax Situation

Oklahoma individual income taxes ranks 32nd nationally. As far as their corporate tax system the state comes in at 35th among the states which have corporate income taxes. However, their 4.5% on general consumer sales tax is below the national median.

Government Summary

The state government has three branches, legislative, judicial and executive. The legislative branch consists of the state House of Representatives and the Senate. The state's judicial branch consists of the Oklahoma Supreme Court and the Oklahoma Court of Appeals. The Executive branch is filled by the Governor and his officials.

State Seal

The state seal for Oklahoma has a five pointed star in the center of a circle. Each point represents one of the Five Civilized Tribes. In the very center of the star is the original seal of the Territory of Oklahoma. It bears the words "Labor Conquers All Things."

Motto & Description

The state motto for Oklahoma is found in Latin on the state seal. Translated into English it means, "Labor Conquers all Things." It is taken from a Latin Poem which was part of a four part series written to for Caesar to encourage more Romans to begin farming.

State Flag

The flag for the state of Oklahoma is blue with a traditional Osage Nation buffalo skin shield in the center. Hanging from the shield are seven eagle feathers. It has an olive branch and a peace pipe crossing at the center of the shield.

State Bird

The Oklahoma official state bird is the Scissor-tailed flycatcher. It is abundant in the state and is seen frequently throughout the state. It gets its name from the unique shape of its tail which has two sections that look like a pair of scissors.

State Flower

The official state flower of the state of Oklahoma is mistletoe. They are abundantly available throughout the state. They are also a traditional decoration used at Christmas time because of their unique red and green color combination.

State Animal

The state animal of Oklahoma is the Water Buffalo. Before the land was inhabited and settled the Buffalo were abundant. They were a large part of the culture of the Native Americans who first lived in Oklahoma Territory.

State Song And Description

The state song of Oklahoma is, "Oklahoma!" It was made famous by Rogers and Hammerstein's Broadway production of Oklahoma! The lyrics share the beauty of the state including the hawks circling over head and the waving wheat of the plains.

State Colors

The state designated green and white as the state colors in 1915. They represent the leaves and berries of the mistletoe which is the state flower which was adopted even before Oklahoma officially became a state.