Oklahoma City Major Streets and Roadways

The geographic center of North America is Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. There are three major national highways that run through downtown OKC. The road system is based on a grid with named streets running north and south, and numbered streets running east to west.

Interstate 40 runs east and west through the heart of downtown Oklahoma City. It is a major thoroughfare which runs coast to coast. Interstate 35 runs north and south through the OKC area. This major freeway runs all the way to the southern town of Laredo, Texas; and north all the way to Duluth, Minnesota. And Interstate 44 begins just south of the Oklahoma border in Wichita Falls, Texas; and stretches from the southwestern corner of Oklahoma through the northeastern corner of the state all the way to ST. Louis, Missouri.

The north and south roads in Oklahoma City are divided by Sante Fe in downtown. The roads are set up on a grid and all the north-south roads are named for famous places or people. The state capitol is located on North Lincoln Blvd.

The roads that run east and west through the area are numbered streets. The dividing line is Reno which is one of the only east west streets that does not have a numbered name. As the roads expand out toward the north and the south their numbers increase.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-40 - Traverses W to E no S end of city
  • I-44 - Traverses city SW to center to NE
  • I-35 - Traverses city N to S
  • John Kilpatrick Turnpike - Circles city from SW to NW to NE