Minneapolis Weather and Climate

Minneapolis also known as the “city of lakes” is situated in the county of Hennepin, USA. The city is known to enjoy a continental climate which is typical of the Upper MidWest. The winters are known to be cold and dry while summers are hot and humid. The average temperature in winter is 4.3 degrees F and that in summer rises to 83.3 degrees F. The coolest month of the year is January and the warmest month is July. The highest temperature ever recorded in the city is 42 degrees C or 108 °F in the July of 1936.The coolest day of Minneapolis was on January 1888 with -42 degrees F or -41 degrees C.

The City falls in the humid climate zone according to the Koppen climate classification. The city is known to enjoy all precipitation related events like thunderstorms, heat waves, ice, sleet, rain, snow tornadoes and fog. June records the maximum average precipitation of 4.34 inches. 

The city is known for it snow fall during the winter months. It sometimes experiences cold Arctic air masses during the months of January and February. Among the other weather events that are recorded in this region are tornadoes, derechos, floods and snow. In all the weather and climate of Minneapolis is suitable for human habitation and so the area record a population of 382,578.