Minneapolis Business Information

Minneapolis, the city of lakes, has a lot to offer in terms of business opportunities. Whether a person is looking to initiate, expand or relocate a business to Minneapolis, the city government is ready to assist and provide a helping hand.

The economy of the city today is mostly centered on finance, commerce, health services, rail and trucking services. Minor constituents also include milling, publishing, food processing, insurance, graphic arts, and education.

The manufacturing industry at Minneapolis produces automotive and metal products, electronics, agricultural and chemical products, computer hardware, plastics, medical instruments and devices, and other machinery. The city was once well noted for its production of farm implements, but today has stepped up in multiple areas of manufacturing production.

Minneapolis is home to both large and small, business and industries of all kinds. The city is ranked among the top twenty best places in the United States to do business. Minneapolis is set apart by three things: a highly educated workforce, a healthy economy and an enhanced quality of life.

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