Minneapolis Schools

The Minneapolis school district administers the public schools of the city including numerous elementary, middle, high, carter, alternative and special schools. The district school board makes the policies and also selects superintendents of the school. The board also looks over the schools budget, its facilities, curriculum and its personnel. The city is also home to more than 20 private academies and schools. The city of Minnesota allows parent to enroll their children in other public schools in separate  districts under the open enrollment stature.

The University of Minnesota dominated the collegiate scene and has on an average more than 50,000 schools. This university campus is the largest in terms of enrollment in United States. The university ranks among the best Universities of United States. In 2007, the city of Minneapolis was names as the most literate city in United States and also was raked in 2011 as the 15th most educated city in United States.

Minneapolis School Resources