Minneapolis Videos

Minneapolis is well planned and beautiful city that has the perfect mixture of nature and modern architecture. The city boasts of a large number of lakes, which adds to the natural beauty of the city and give it the nickname of the city of lakes. Minneapolis is often compared to the city of St. Paul, which is considered as one among the most stunning cities in United States

There are various such sites and tourist attractions which are found only in Minneapolis. Though Minneapolis is very rich in its business and economy, it also has a rich background of art and culture. The city has superb architectural cathedrals and modern skyscrapers that give the city an edge over other cities in United States. The city apart from being beautiful is also unsurprisingly clean and is ranked as the cleanest cities of United States. The city’s scenic byway is the only byway that is located within an urban area in the world: it is a truly incredible experience walking here.