New Orleans Schools

New Orleans, the largest state in Louisiana is dominant in the field of education. The New Orleans public Schools (NOPS) is the public school system. The NOPS was widely recognized as leading performing school district in the whole of Louisiana. A total of 103 public schools come under the NOPS and they have shown quite reasonable performance over a period of time. In the last few years there were momentous and perpetual gains in the student achievement. The growth in the academic performance of New Orleans public schools dominated the whole state. There are a number of world class institutions of higher education in the city such as Tulane University and Loyola university of New Orleans.

The significant increase in the population of the city increases the demand of education leading to establishment of more schools and educational centers. Parents are facilitated with online applications for admissions in schools and other universities. With all these facilities, the city of New Orleans surely attracts many students across Louisiana, looking for quality education

New Orleans School Resources