New Orleans Major Streets and Roadways

New Orleans has a simple grid system of streets placed on either side of the Mississippi River. With its geographical location in the Mississippi delta, New Orleans is the home to many bridges that connect the main town to the suburbs.

There are streets and avenues in the city, some main and others smaller. There is no numbering system to the streets as seen in other cities. Every street is named based on location, patriot, or significant historic community/ event. The way the streets have been planned, makes it easy to navigate through the city and locating desired places.

The Central Business District has a fan like grid system where the main streets diverge out of a common point. As the name indicates, this place is home to many businesses and there are many main streets interconnected by streets and avenues.

The city is also well known for its other means of transport like the Streetcars, bicycling paths, and airport, railway and ferry services. There are even pedestrian walkways planned into the city.

The city is well connected to the other cities in the United States by the inter-state highways, the railway and airport. The world's longest causeway called "The Lake Pont Chartrain Causeway" is present in this city.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-10 - Travels W to E and dips down into city
  • I-12 - Connects I-10 to I-10 where it dips into city
  • I-59 -Branches from city center to NE 
  • I-55 - Branches from city center to NW then N
  • 90 - Branches to SW