About Louisiana

Louisiana is a remarkable state in the southern part of the United States and it was incorporated into the Union in the early 19th century. This state acquired its name in commemoration of the then King of France - King Louis XIV. Its geographical location has subjected this state to a lot of history. First the Native Americans, then the French, the Spaniards, the British, the slaves (from Africa) and other colored skinned people dominated the place. This has led to the state being highly multi-cultural and multilingual. Welcome to the vibrant state of Louisiana!

State Nickname

As is the practice in many states of the United States, Louisiana has more than one nicknames of its own. These nicknames have been attributed based on geography (Bayou State, Child of Mississippi), history and architecture (Creole State, Sugar State) and natural resources like wildlife (Pelican State).

Climate Summary

As per the Koppen Climate Classification, Louisiana has a coastal humid sub tropical climate with long summers and mild winters. The summers are prevalent in the southern part of the state and snow in the north. This region is highly tropical cyclone prone and vulnerable to hurricanes of all categories.

State Tax Situation

The state enforces the collection of various types of taxes like personal income tax, sales tax, tourism promotional tax and property tax. These taxes denominations vary with different political subdivisions of the state. Since Louisiana is a subsidized state, it receives a fixed amount of funding from the federal government.

Government Summary

Louisiana was adopted by the constitutional convention in 1974. The stat has three branches executive legislative and judiciary. The tenure of the governor of the state lasts four years.

State Seal

The state was adopted as the official seal in 1902 it shows a mother Brown Pelican (the state's official bird) nursing her babies by piercing her own chest to feed them with her own blood. This signifies the Christian Charity. This symbol is also called the "Pelican in her piety".

Motto & Description

The motto of the State of Louisiana is "Union, Justice and Confidence" and it is displayed on the Great Seal of the State of Louisiana and signifies strength of unity that brought in the winds of freedom and equality.

State Flag

As with the other 49 states of the United States, the state of Louisiana has its own flag. The flag was adopted in 1912 but under went revision in 2002. The flag has the state seal of a mother Brown Pelican wounding her breast to feed her young embroidered on a navy blue background.

State Bird

The state bird of Louisiana is the Brown Pelican (Pelicanus fuscus) and is shown in the state seal and flag. The Brown Pelican is one of the seven species of Pelicans and is characterized by its dark color and salt water habitat.

State Flower

There are two flowers for the state of Lousiana. One the Magnolia Blossom (Magnolia grandiflora) adopted as state flower in 1900 (official in 1952). The other Louisiana Iris (Iris giganticaerulea), a native of the swap habitat and adopted as the state's wildflower in 1990.

State Animal

The state of Louisiana has divided its "State Animal" symbol into categories based on the Animal kingdom namely: State Fresh Water Fish (White Perch), Amphibian (Grey Tree Frog), State Reptile (Alligator), State Insect (Honey Bee), State Bird (Brown Pelican), State Dog (Catahoula Leopard Dog) and State Mammal (Louisiana Black Bear).

State Song And Description

The State of Louisiana has two state songs. One is "Give Me Louisiana" composed and written by Doralice Fontane and arranged by Dr. John Croom in 1970 and the other is "You Are My Sunshine" composed and written by Jimmie H. Davis (former governor) and Charles Mitchell in 1977.

State Colors

Just like other states in the United States of America, the State of Louisiana too has state colors defined in 1972. The colors are blue, white and gold prevalent in the State Painting of Louisiana.