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Being a picturesque city and a tourist center, there are a lot of things to see in the city of New Orleans thereby making this city an unforgettable experience to a visitor. The city is characterized by elegant blending of historical and modern day buildings.

For those who love nature/ history, just by traveling down the streets of New Orleans are enticing and educative enough. There are so many different types of architectural buildings that adorn the streets and the riverside magnificently. There are so many lush green parks present in the city like the Audubon Park and Zoo, the New Orleans Botanical Gardens and the City Park. Other historic places include the French Quarter, Loyola and Charles Avenue.

For those who love music, New Orleans is the place where the Jazz music originated. The New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park silently speaks volumes. On the religious side, there are so many historically significant, French and Spanish influenced Catholic Churches like the St Patrick Church and the Jewish Orthodox Synagogue. The "Mardi Gras" festival is a one not to be missed when in New Orleans.

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