New Orleans Real Estate

New Orleans being a very important port city in USA and is the second largest city of Louisiana. The city is quite thickly populated and is a place for lot of commercial and other activities. Hence, there is a big demand for real estate, both commercial and residential. Since it is a city that offers a lot job and career prospects, it has a continuous demand for offices, residential apartments and buildings.

Many people have made a big career out of real estate business here. The recent Katrina that devastating the city of New Orleans is still fresh in the minds the people. The government in a bid to give a fillip to the economic activity and rebuild the commercial activities has given a lot of tax breaks for commercial real estate investments. This indeed has given a big fillip to real estate activities especially for those who are looking to make some fast bucks in the commercial segment. Property rates have gone down because of Katrina and this is the right time to purchase commercial property in New Orleans.

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However this does not mean that there is no demand for residential apartments and buildings. The very fact that New Orleans is a port city encourages people to migrate here in search of jobs and a result there is growing demand for the residential properties. Taking help of some renowned and reliable real estate agents within New Orleans is the key to buying a property of ones liking. The reasonable property rates in the city of New Orleans is really encouraging for the buyers.