San Diego Weather and Climate

San Diego, California has an amazing climate which figures among the top ten best climates of any tourist destination in the United States and the World. The San Diego region is classified as having a Mediterranean climate in the north and a Semi Arid climate to the south and east. The warm, dry summer climate of the region is one among the best two in the whole of United States. It has mild winters. In between the months of December and March, most of the annual precipitation occurs. The annual average temperature of the city is around 70 F experiencing a mild and mostly dry weather with an average rainfall of 9 - 13 inches.

The climate characteristics in San Diego can be classified into different microclimates as it varies over short geographical distances which are observable in most parts of the state of California. The topography of the city plays a major role in the formation of microclimates in the San Diego's various neighborhoods. Near the coast, the thick marine layer clouds forms a damp and cool place during the months of May and June which carries on through July. As one moves further inland from the coast even as little as 5 to 10 miles they will find clear skies with bright sunshine and a significant difference in the temperature.

The average rainfall in the region is around 10.65 inches annually with the rains occurring in the cooler months. The snowfalls are very rare in San Diego, with only 5 recorded instances of snow fall from the past 150 years. Presently, the weather station on San Diego is based at Lindbergh Field. Earlier to it was in Mission San Diego and also in downtown for some time.

In between the months of September and February, warm winds from the desert known as Santa Anas blows as gusts at about 100 miles per hour and lowers the atmospheric humidity in the region. Average temperatures in the months of June, July and August are a high of 75 degrees and a low of 70 degrees. In the winter months of November, December and January, high temperatures of 68 degrees and low temperatures of 57 degrees are noted.