San Diego Major Streets and Roadways

The streets of San Diego have been laid out in a grid pattern inside the city center but little planning was applied to the edges of the city. However the city's street naming and numbering can turn out to be tough to understand and navigate.

The city is founded on a mountainous region, making a few regions more elevated than others and a few neighborhoods completely segregated. The streets of San Diego can be confusing street configurations and put up tough navigational challenges.

Unwary first time travellers should be aware of the chance  to get lost. It is important that visitors and new residents familiarize themselves with the street pattern and use a GPS to navigate through the city. Many streets are one way, which will lead to further irritation while driving on the roads.

From East to west the streets are named to make them easy to differentiate from other streets. Along the Martin Luther Highway the East to West streets are given alphabetical markers A to L beginning from north to south.From North to South the streets are in certain areas given avenue names and other areas given street numbers. Some streets are known by number and also names, making them hard to find.

Some of the major streets in San Diego are El Cajon Blvd, Market St., Kethner Blvd., 5th Avenue, Robinson Avenue, Friars Rd. and many others.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-5 - Traverses city from N to S
  • I-805 - Traverses city from N to S
  • I-15 - Traverses city from N to S
  • I-8 - Traverses city from W to E