San Diego Videos

San Diego is one of the few cities in United States that was once part of Mexico. The city has a unique blend of Mexican culture that has left its mark on the people, cuisine, buildings, museums and heritage sites. The city's perfect weather and beautiful locations make it an ideal destination for movie makers who flock to this city like flies. The city is the ideal 20th century working city with a relaxed atmosphere.

A visit to the Old Town area of San Diego is set to pull a visitor into the nostalgic past with lots of colonial architecture built by the Europeans centuries ago still present. A visit to the Anza Borego Desert State Park in winter will give a visitor the chance to witness the famous natural wild flower display that is not seen anywhere else in the world or the sight is unmatchable with any other sight in the world when the desert springs to a colorful burst of life. The city also has great architecture and natural attractions that give a visitor enough excuses to delay departure from this beautiful place.