San Diego Business Information

San Diego is the a preferred place for businesses in the following sectors: defense, tourism, research and manufacturing companies. International trade is another  major business sector in the city of San Diego and surrounding areas. The proximity of the city to the Pacific Ocean and location for many of the naval assets of the United States Navy Pacific Fleet, it has attracted a lot of major defense contractors of the United States like Cubic, General Atomics and NASSCO, who have set up their headquarters in the city and in turn generate a lot of employment opportunities for the civilian population in the region. San Diego has numerous defense installations scattered all across the city. The tourism sector is one of the major sources of economy for the city as it is one of the preferred tourist destinations in the world.

The geographical location of the city plays an important role in San Diego's businesses and economy. The city provides various resources and partnership programs for setting up businesses thereby attracting businessmen and organizations to the city of San Diego. The city is an ideal destination for small businesses looking to grow or businesses who are looking for their big break.

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