Dallas Major Streets and Roadways

The streets of Dallas are very easy to navigate, since they are laid out in a very simple grid pattern. When navigating this particular layout, it can be done very simply by using the four basic directions, North, South, East, and West.

This layout enables even the newest of people to navigate the entire city with ease, once they learn the directions that certain streets run, they can travel around as if they own the town. Addresses are in line with these streets. these addresses are organized by cordinates. Once individuals learn the system in which these addresses are set up, they can find buildings andhomes with ease and precision.

During rush hour, many of the freeways and major streets become pretty busy. It is important that when people plan to travel around the city that they plan their departure and arrival times carefully. People can also take advantage of the mass transit systems to get from point A to point B to avoid getting caught in traffic.

It is important to understand that when people travel into the county the streets have a different pattern. They will need to take note of this so as to avoid getting lost.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-635 - Circles around N and NE end of town
  • I-20 - Traverses S end of city W to E
  • I-45 - Branches from center to S
  • I-35W - Traverses W end of city N to S
  • I-35E - Traverses city from NE to center to S
  • I-30 - Traversses city from W to E