Transplanted to Dallas: Moving Without a Hitch

The job of your dreams has become a reality, but there's a catch — relocation to Dallas. Uprooting your life and heading out to the Lone Star state isn't going to be easy, but once the hard labor is completed and the moving minutiae sorted out, Dallas' rich culture will reveal itself rich to those who explore its populous urban sprawl.

But before you start enjoying Dallas' cultural offerings, a few things need to be taken care of, and the following advice will help you do just that.


Search for detailed reviews on moving company services. Browse the deluge of websites for moving companies to uncover the most reasonable quotes. Confirm that they are reliable, efficient and reasonably-priced. Read the relocation policy carefully and ask for the shipment registration number so that you can check the progress of your valuables on the phone or online as it travels across the states to Dallas.

Once you are settled in the Big D, start to shop around for a suitable vehicle to get you around this huge city. Public transportation is a good way to travel, but you don't want to rely on it for everything you do. If you want to avoid spending hours traveling to work with public transportation, find a new or used car at one of Dallas' many car dealerships, or online at a site like VandergriffToyota.com — or whatever auto website offers the best deals on the type of car you want.

Packing Tips & Reminders

  • Disassemble all furniture such as shelving units, bed frames and entertainment centers in advance to assist the movers in working swiftly.
  • Disconnect washers, dryers and refrigerator hoses before leaving your home.
  • Seal all boxes securely and label which room's contents it holds. Use cushioning material to protect fragile materials. Keep boxes at 50 pounds or less.
  • Turn off all internal and external water taps. Take a final reading on the water, gas and electricity meters.

Before Departure

In the chaotic shuffle of moving, many important details may be overlooked. Head to your local United States Postal Service office to fill out a change of address form, or better yet, fill out the form online. Take notice of prohibited items that movers won't touch: Paint, jewelry, plants, ammunition, fuel and legal documents are all your responsibility to handle. Contact your doctors, dentists and accountants to notify them of your relocation. Be proactive and gain familiarity with your soon-to-be neighborhood by subscribing to the local paper; it's a great way to learn about community events and news.

To Do in Dallas

All work and no play isn't the Dallas way. Once settled in your new home, keep active and entertained in the nightlife scene, beautiful vistas and sporting events.

  • Hike – The 6,000-acre Great Trinity Forest is a hiker's dream. Discover diverse flora and fauna as you hike into the hardwoods and across scenic grasslands and wetlands.
  • Blues Bars – Hit up the The Goat on Mondays and Amsterdam Bar on Tuesdays for the ultimate blues experience. After all, what better city to listen to blues than the birthplace of blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughn? OK, maybe Memphis or Chicago, but Dallas is still a great place to enjoy the blues.
  • Archery Club – Learn the ways of the bow at the Texans Archery Club. Group lessons and yearly memberships are available. Tournaments are organized for those with competitive spirits.

There are many, many other fun things to do in Dallas. Go online to find to find out about current events, because there is always something new and exciting happening in North Texas.



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